British pensions (or English pensions) are frozen for State pensioners living in Commonwealth countries

The Campaign

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Basic Knowledge about freezing.

The first link below will introduce you to the background of the 25 year campaign against the freezing of State Pensions for over 500,000 Britains because of their country of residence. The second link tells how freezing started, and what effect it will have on you.

Background Information


History of Freezing

The British Government believe that selective freezing of pensions is legal, and they have been justified by decisions made by several courts. What they are not considering is:

The Moral Dimension

Instead, they are engaged in:

Robbery Underhand

Here we examine the facts about pension freezing:

Pension Facts

Find out which countries are frozen and which are indexed. But first you must try to answer a little quiz. See the following link:

Five Minute Quiz

Throughout the duration of the Campaign to date many Myths concerning the whole area of pension freezing have circulated.  Read all about them through the following link:

Pension Myths

Campaign History.

Read about what has happened in the past. Read about early attempts at litigation and lobbying, and the supreme attempt to sue the UK government for our rights.

Campaign History

Be an activist. There are many things you can do to advance the cause.

The link below is designed to help letter writers in the fight for Pension Parity.

Writing to MPs


Letter writing guide


Specimen letters

Here are some other suggestions on what you can do

Other Suggestions

And you will need some ammunition, so visit the arsenal


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