History of The Campaign

With the compliments of British Age Pensioner Alliance

Attempts at litigation were made in the early 1980's, but they were poorly researched and poorly presented. You can read about them in Legal Brief - see below.

In the mid 1980's British Pensioners in the major frozen countries formed associations to fight for pension justice, among those being the British Australian Pensioner Association Incorporated, the precursor of the British Age Pensioner Alliance.  The combined associations successfully lobbied for an investigation by the UK Parliament's standing committee on Social Security in 1996. This Committee recommended that the Government should put the matter to a free vote in prime time. But the Government refused to do so.

Though the Pension Freezing regulations originated just after WWII the Campaign against them did not really take off till about 2000 when the South African Association headed up a battle through the British Courts.  They were supported by the Australians and Canadians.

Annette Carson, a British writer and State Pensioner resident in South Africa, became the figurehead of the Campaign.  In 2002 the Campaign through the Courts was taken over by the Canadian Association, still keeping Annette Carson as the figurehead.  You can read all about her story from 2002 onwards at the Carson Case link & see the legal background on the Legal Brief link:

 The Carson Case


Legal Brief

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