History of the Carson Case
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The Court Case 2002
Comments on the case from Australian politicians and others.

Canada Backs Carson
A cutting showing that the Canadian Government was financially backing the fight against Frozen Pensions.

Carson - the full Judgment
The full judgment as published by the Court. May 2002.

The Hooper precedent
Justice Burnton and the Hooper precedent. 2002.

Carson Appeal Judgement
The full judgement in the words of the Court. June 2003.

Carson Appeal Report March 2003
Interesting comments from an unidentified observer.

Carson Appeal Reports
Comments from the Telegraph on-line while waiting for the judgment to be declared. 2003.

Carson & the Law Lords
A report published in the Expat Telegraph. 2005.

Comment on the Lords Debate
Comments on the case from Investment International and comments on the Social Security up-rating regulations October 2005.

Opinions of the House of Lords of appeal for judgement in the cause
This covers the opinions of each of the Lords of Appeal, published in pdf format by the House of Lords.