A list of the benefits enjoyed by British pensioners who live in Britain

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This is a list of the additional benefits enjoyed by UK pensioners who actually live in Britain, and not available to expatriate pensioners. Some of the benefits depend on age. Unlike the pension, which is payable from the National Insurance Fund, these benefits are paid from taxation.

Free bus passes
Free TV licence
Age addition to pension
Pension credit
Winter Fuel Allowance
Cold Weather Payments
Free Prescriptions.
Free Eye Tests.
Reduced Dental Charges
Christmas Bonus
Free Driver's Licence renewal
Housing Benefit
Council Tax Benefit
We frozen expatriates only claim the pension benefit (with indexation) that we actually paid for. We are not entitled to the others, nor do we try to claim them. See Why Pay Pensions to Expatriates
It is worth while keeping this list in mind when answering people who say that we should get no pension at all.
We only want what we have paid for. See OAPBenefits.htm

With the compliments of British Age Pensioner Alliance