Benefits for OAPs in UK
(but not available to expats)

With the compliments of British Age Pensioner Alliance

Most of the benefits available to elderly people in the UK are not available to British citizens who do not reside in the UK. Some, but not all, are available during visits to the UK.

One notable exception is the state pension, which is payable anywhere in the world. And quite rightly so, since it is based on contribution history. This includes the basic pension and additional pensions such as SERPS (S2P).

The pension is increased every year to keep pace with inflation. The increase is variously described as "indexation" or "uprating".


While some expatriates have their pensions increased every year just like pensioners in the UK, about half of the expatriates don't. Their pensions are said to be "frozen", because they are always paid the amount they got either on moving to a frozen country after retiring, or on retiring in a frozen country.

There seems to be no logic in the list of countries where the UK pension will be indexed and those where it will be frozen. See if you can guess; try this little quiz.


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