Issued on behalf of British Age Pensioner Alliance, these Fact Sheets support the 20 year story of the fight for PARITY by 540,500 UK State Pensioners.  Why should they be deprived of annual indexation of their pensions because they live in certain countries while another 565,000,living in other countries, are not ?


Savings that could be made

Fact: When a person moves away from the UK for more than 6 months they are no longer entitled to use the free NHS.   This means that anyone who leaves the country saves the NHS a lot of money to spend on those who remain.

When a person moves away from the UK, they are not entitled to pension credit.

When a person moves away from the UK they cannot claim free bus passes, rent assistance or council tax assistance.

When a person moves to the EU, they cannot claim Winter Fuel Allowance, unless they received it before moving.

Only people in the EU or countries with whom the UK has chosen to sign a reciprocal agreement can receive uprated state pensions.

Upratings are available in the U.S. But not Canada. They are available in Israel but not Pakistan.

It costs a lot of money for the DWP to administer all the exceptions. Far better to have upratings for all countries.

Save a lot of money on the NHS and DWP administration costs by uprating the state pension for all.

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