Issued on behalf of British Age Pensioner Alliance, these Fact Sheets support the 20 year story of the fight for PARITY by 540,500 UK State Pensioners.  Why should they be deprived of annual indexation of their pensions because they live in certain countries while another 565,000,living in other countries, are not ?



Fact: The Equality Bill was heralded by trumpeting about how fantastic it was at last to have eliminated discrimination against minority groups.

The Equality Bill did not eliminate discrimination in particular to National Insurance contributors who believed that only contribution years counted.

A couple who worked for a subsidiary of a U.S. company were offered a job in the U.S. Headquarters, and after considering that they would no longer be entitled to the NHS and when they retired pension credit and Winter Fuel Allowance, were heartened by the fact that their state pension would be uprated each year in the U.S. as it would be in the U.K. They were both retrenched but luckily found new jobs in Canada, or so they thought.

They had paid all the necessary contributions to the UK National Insurance Scheme while they worked there to look forward to a state pension. The DWP sent them a letter stating that they would be entitled to a state pension based on their years of contribution. Unfortunately they then discovered that they would not receive annual upratings to the state pension because they now lived in Canada rather than the USA. If they had continued to live in the USA they would have received annual increases in their state pension. This complies with current UK legislation.

British MP's could change this ridiculous and unfair situation and bring true equality by applying UK state pension uprating to all.

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