Issued on behalf of British Age Pensioner Alliance, these Fact Sheets support the 20 year story of the fight for PARITY by 540,500 UK State Pensioners.  Why should they be deprived of annual indexation of their pensions because they live in certain countries while another 565,000,living in other countries, are not ?



Fact: British workers and their employers jointly buy their State Pensions in a system which internationally renowned lawyer Lord Goodhart QC has called a virtual contract you get out pro rata to what you paid in

the system works smoothly for UK resident pensioners and for all expatriates living in the European Economic Area, the United States and fourteen other countries including Serbia, Turkey, Israel and the Philippines.

but in a policy both inequitable and illogical, pensioners in the major Commonwealth countries are denied the full pension they paid for just like all the other pensioners; their uprating is expropriated, their pensions frozen at the amount they first received

with inflation a virtual constant, the gap between the ever-rising living cost and what frozen pensioners receive increases as they age until those reaching their nineties can experience penury with barely 10% of what already began as a meagre amount

there is much hype in Britain about equality and caring for the aged. Unless and until pension parity is achieved by correcting this gross inequality, while many MPs appear more concerned with building personal fortunes, the UK will be condemned and excoriated as the land of sanctimony and hypocrisy.

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