Issued on behalf of British Age Pensioner Alliance, these Fact Sheets support the 20 year story of the fight for PARITY by 540,500 UK State Pensioners.  Why should they be deprived of annual indexation of their pensions because they live in certain countries while another 565,000,living in other countries, are not ?


Freedom of Choice

Whatever your status in life - whether you are a man or woman, a white collar worker or a unionist, rich or poor, disabled or retired - you are entitled to freedom of choice.  You can choose what lifestyle you follow, where you live now, or where you might choose to live in retirement, or can you ?

Fact: You might think that is true, but the Government says otherwise.

Take your life in retirement.  Where would you like to live ?  Can you choose for yourself or must you look up the rules and regulations imposed by the Government ?

Fact: The answer is: be careful and look up the rules.

Fact: If your children have emigrated to find a better life in one of the old Commonwealth countries you may not be able to join them in your retirement years.  Not unless you are willing to risk becoming a burden on them as you grow older.

Fact: The Government says that if you retire to all but 2 or 3 of the Commonwealth countries your hard earned State Government Pension will be frozen.  It will never again be indexed in accord with inflation.  It will be locked at the rate payable when you first became eligible, or first emigrated to the country of your choice, the country where your children are, a British Commonwealth country.

Fact: If your children, however, chose to move to any European country or to the USA or to a selected few other countries all would be well.  Your pension would be indexed annually, as it would be in Britain.

Question: Is that in line with the British tradition of fair play ?

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