Pensioners with British pensions, or English pensions, can access a mass of information to help them fight the freezing regime.

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The information accessible from this page has been gathered by BAPA over a period of years.  We make it freely available to all.

The next link is a collection of Guidelines for British State Pensioners.  It will help you to discover whether you are receiving all your entitlements, including rights when travelling in Britain or a European country.

Pension Guidelines


Benefits when visiting UK

Here is a form to enable you to place an enquiry about your prospective pension if you are nearing pensionable age.

Pension enquiry

These next links refer to Tax deductibility, The Undeducted Purchase Price and the anomalies affecting 410 sub Visas in Australia.

Tax deductibility etc


410 Sub Visas etc

This the story of a Victory

Public Sector Pensions

The following covers a number of useful informatiion sources.

Useful Links

This next link covers the double tax relief agreement between Britain and Australia


About tax on UK Pensions

Sometimes online articles or comments made by readers argue that since we have left the UK we are no longer entitled to any social welfare benefits. Such comments fail to distinguish between social insurance and social welfare. The following link provides a list of benefits which we can't claim and don't claim because we don't live there any more.


With the compliments of British Age Pensioner Alliance