The mystery of Leaflet CF-N701

and form POD926A-CT

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Recently a number of people attempting to get their pensions upgraded while travelling in Britain, Europe and certain other countries have been finding it difficult, if not impossible, to get hold of Leaflet CF-N701. The leaflet about claiming the temporary upgrade. 
Some employees of the DWP claim they have never even heard of it.

So they could find it here CF(N)701.pdf

The rest of this page is largely history, but read on.

At last we have a breakthrough.
The following Fax has been received by our Vice President, James Nelson:

Dated February 25th 2003
FROM: Doreen Purvis,

Dear Mr Nelson,
Your request for form CF-N701 has been passed to me by Jan Spiller.
I have sent you a copy of this leaflet by mail.  Anyone requiring a copy should write to this office at the address above.
Doreen Purvis.

Unfortunately Ms Purvis misled us on the correct address and telephone number, as a result of which she was inundated with requests.

Here are the correct details:

The Pension Service
International Pension Centre (IPC)
Room TD111
Tyneview Park
NE98 1BA

Telephone Number - 0191 21 87777
Fax Number - 0191 2183305


There is plenty of useful information on The Pension Service website at

We understand that form POD926A-CT should be available from the same address as above.

Several months ago one of our members returned from a visit to England and immediately sent a copy of his flight ticket which showed the duration of his stay.

After several weeks he phoned and was told there was a 10 week delay due to a back-log of applications. He then received a questionnaire because he had not notified his visit prior to travelling. He replied that he had not received any information about a change in rules and that he had been sending flight tickets on six occasions since 1989 which had been accepted. The next letter said that his case would be reviewed in about 6 weeks time.

He did receive the updated pension, but it took 3 requests to obtain the necessary form required for future visits. ( Form reference No POD926A-CT ). Pensioner members be warned that there is no urgency by Social Security to update pensions, especially without the form.  And please make special note of the fact that where the leaflet says "within a month of your arrival in the UK" it now seems to mean "within a month before your arrival in the UK".