With the compliments of British Age Pensioner Alliance

Pension Reform   A response to the Turner Report.

Pensioner Poverty   An enquiry into the causes and possible remedies for poverty among UK pensioners.

Pension Credit   An investigation into the proposed Tax Credit for pensioners on low incomes.

The Future of UK Pensions   Consideration of possible courses of action to improve UK pensions in the future.

Contributory principle   This one was prepared as a letter presented to a small committee of the Social Security Committee, which met with BAPA representatives in Canberra. Unfortunately, it was too late for the deadline.

In each of the above submissions the opportunity was taken to advocate the termination of the freezing regime, but it was necessary to adopt a low-key approach, as the prime aim of each submission was to establish academic credibility.

There was an earlier contact with the Social Security Committee, attended by Brian Havard and some others from Canada and South Africa. Unfortunately it has never been put on the web. The Social Security Committee recommended that the question be debated in parliament, but the Government rejected this proposal.


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