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This is a selection from the comments made by people who have signed our petition. “Stop depriving pensioners of their rightful pensions.”

Sheila Jackson Australia
I feel it is totally unfair to discriminate against a portion of British pensioners. It seems particularly ironic that British pensioners living in Australia, a Commonwealth country of which the Queen is the official head of state, do not have their pensions indexed whereas those living for example in the USA and the Philippines have their pensions indexed. Time to right this wrong!

Leslie Revell Australia
Having lived in Australia since 1976 to be close to my family, my UK pension has been frozen since that time. Please David Cameron, as Prime Minister, I urge your Government to reconsider and update pensions for UK people living in Commonwealth Countries.

Alan Williams Arraial D'Ajuda, Brazil
Pensioner living in Brazil with no increase in pension for 11 years

Diana Wadsworth Sydney, Australia
The value of my British part pension goes down every year so, in effect, the British Government are stealing money from me which I am rightfully entitled to. As a pensioner, to have your income diminishing annually is very distressing.

John Archer Australia
I paid contributions all my working life from the age of 18. I am still a UK taxpayer yet I don't even have a vote. The inconsistencies of the countries in which pensions are frozen make it a grave injustice to pensioners in those countries.

Nicholas Curry Australia
I'm signing this petition because I believe all persons who have contributed to the National Insurance Fund should be entitled to the same terms and conditions in relation to their pension entitlements regardless of where they reside.

Barbara Lassiter Australia
I feel cheated out of my entitlement. I contributed the same as everyone else and despite saving the country a great deal of money through not residing in the UK I am being penalized.

Mary Mager London, United Kingdom
It is irrelevant where people live - if they've paid their pension contributions they are entitled to receive it wherever they are.

Angela Hardcastle Australia
The situation is disgraceful and should never have progressed to this stage. Shame on the British Government.

Peter Hardcastle Australia
When I started work (about 1949) and paying my NI dues, nobody told me that I could not live where I chose.

Nigel Beresford Australia
I'm signing this petition because I feel that the UK pension system as applied to overseas residents who are justly entitled to a UK pension or part pension are being treated very unfairly. The pension entitlement should be indexed to the CPI or similar.

Rob Hughes Australia
The British government are being selective in which country pensioners should retire, if you choose to go to USA or an EU country you are rewarded but go to a commonwealth country forget it. If that is not unfair to expats then what is?

richard hawkey chonburi, Thailand
I paid ni contributions for 44 yrs and I it should be my right to have the annual c o l increase

Andrew House Australia 
I worked in UK for many years, I transferred to Australia at the request of my British employer and now I am denied the pension which I have paid for.

David Abbott Australia
All UK state pensioners should be treated equally regardless of country of residence. Contributions while working were made on equal terms.

John Smith Australia
As a British ex-serviceman, (RAF), who saw active service in 3 theatres of unpleasantness, I feel shabbily treated. Why should marrying an Aussie girl and emigrating be any different to marrying an American and moving to the USA?

I think that I am entitled to be paid for my contributions to the pension scheme. I was not told at the age of 16 when I first started to pay contributions that should I decide to live else where would my payments would be frozen.

Ava Hubble Pyrmont, Sydney, NSW,

Ian & Pat Lewthwaite Lockerbie, United Kingdom
I was one of those pensioners stolen from by the UK Govt. when we moved to Australia aged 67 to be nearer our grandchildren but on a two year Temporary Visa, so how is that considered in the UK as PERMANENT ?

Lou Cicone christchurch, New Zealand
I now live in nz but prior to that I was born bred lived worked and paid taxes and national insurance for over 30 years. such I feel that people like myself should receive the same pension level and rights as a uk resident

Mike Tomlinson Auckland, New Zealand
I have always paid my National Insurance, and if UK resident, would be eligible for a full pension. It is totally unacceptable that I am deprived of this right because I now live overseas. I am already saving the British taxpayer, (of which I am still one) by not using the N.H.S. Come on Britain, this is not fair.

Patricia Niblock Penicuik, United Kingdom
These pensioners have paid into the system - so give them an equal pension

Robert Ballantyne Wyper Tiradentes, Brazil
I'm a pensioner living abroad. My contributions were the same that everyone else paid in the UK although I was living abroad employed by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. My contributions were not frozen because I was working overseas, and for the government at that, so why should my pension be frozen just because I continue to live overseas? Makes no sense and is blatantly unjust.

june straughton carlisle, United Kingdom
It's grossly unjust to take mandatory NI contributions from working people with the promise of a pension at retirement and then to steal that pension from them when they choose to retire to SOME countries abroad

Patricia Joy Brovary, Ukraine
My husband and I paid our fair share of Tax and Pension all our working life, from age 15 up until 56, just because we don't live in Uk should not stop us getting what we paid in for all those years.

Peter Gray Hong Kong, Hong Kong
I'm signing this because my pension has been frozen since I retired. I don't see why I should be discriminated against because I am domiciled in Hong Kong.

DEE SINCLAIR Pendomer, United Kingdom
The uprating of the pensions only requires regulation amendment. Also, pensions are not paid from taxpayers funds. They come from the National Insurance Fund, which is well above the working balance it is expected to maintain.

Christine Bloomer Australia
My husband died 21 years ago, and I am receiving part of his pension as his widow. To stay exactly the same without indexation all these years just because we chose to live in Australia rather than the Philippines is so unfair it makes no sense. This is money we paid in - our money held in trust by the British Government. To say you can't afford it, doesn't make it OK, it just means you have mismanaged our money held by you.

Glyn Ellis Australia
I am signing because I am one of the many who have been denied annual increases in the state pension I earned by working in the UK and paying NI for 45 years!

Robert Hay Australia
The shortfall in my pension and that of my wife is approx.$750.00 per month. Is this fair in only 12 years?

Alan Scudder Australia
I am signing because obviously after working until 70 years old in the UK I feel I deserve to get back some of what I have paid in to the system

Gerry Diamond Australia
Gross injustice that no politician has the decency to rectify. I paid my NI contributions in good faith all my working life and because I chose to retire late in life to Australia I am penalised. An inflation element is an essential part of the whole and to separate one from the other is mathematical nonsense. It merely restores the original figure to its original value and without it that value declines and eventually becomes worthless as many poor pensioners have discovered. So unfair!

Will Newcomb London, United Kingdom 
I have been a faithful tax payer all my working life and now I live in China. I do not otherwise cost the government for NHS services or any other benefit, just the pension which I have already paid for. Others like me deserve the usual incremental increases.

David Body Australia
I paid into the National Insurance Fund all my working life and expect to receive my full pension as others who have retired to various parts of the world and not be discriminated against because I live in a Commonwealth country. It is shameful and disgraceful to be treated like this.



jack burch Australia  I only want a fair go for my wife and myself

 Eileen Shotton Australia Just want everyone to be treated equally.

 David de Souza Australia The UK government needs to stop this unfair and discriminatory practice now.

 Dave Pickersgill Sheffield, United Kingdom I feel that the current rules are inequitable.

 janice bishop Sileby, United Kingdom The same rule for everyone who has paid in

 Eunice Branch St. Andrew, Grenada It's time all British Pensioners were treated equally.

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With the compliments of British Age Pensioner Alliance