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A collection of other articles
Research Data Base
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The facts about National Insurance
A National Pensioners Convention Briefing Paper
Investment International
Is this British Justice - June 2005
The Liberal/Democrat Policy
from Matthew Taylor MP (Lib/Dem)
Letter from the Department for Work and Pensions
to the President of the World Alliance of British Expatriate Pensioners
Received by him on the 18th June 2003
A Repugnant Pensions Policy.

Origin of pensions discrimination and pensioner resistance.

Scandal of frozen pensions.
From the journal of the National Federation of Post Office and BT Pensioners.
Apologia and Apoplexy.
Government excuses and pensioner rejoinders.
Whatever Happened to our 12 billions?
How Government pillaged the Pension Fund.
It all Depends on your Priorities.
Tales from The House of Horrors.
What You Can do about it?
Stirring the possum using all manner of publicity.

European Convention on Human Rights and UK Law.
Implications of the introduction of the ECHR into UK law
Frozen Pension Myths.
Myths examined, exposed and exploded.
Pensioner Poverty.
A submission to the UK Social Security Committee.
Snouts in the trough.

MPs claim more pension.
Whose side are you on ?
Reflections on Remembrance Day
Why pay pensions to Britons overseas ?
An explanation.
Notes from the House of Commons library

Pension entitlements for Britons overseas.
News from South Africa

Extracts from the South African Association Newsletter, July 2002.
Two good letters to Lady Hollis
From Kenya & South Africa.
Archived stories

A Paul Lewis report and more.
An interesting judgment from Strasbourg

Widower wins equal rights with widows.
The Strasbourg Judgment.
The unabridged judgment
Peers discuss Frozen Pensions

By a TELEGRAPH reporter
Age Discrimination
An appeal against the DWP
More on Age Discrimination
Including examples and the decision of the tribunal
The Carson Judgment unabridged
The full & unabridged judgment
Queen's visit to Canada 2002
Report on the petition
A NEW angle from High Wycombe
Residents returning to ancestral homes get their pensions frozen
Alert for Disabled War Pensioners & their Widows
MoD admits new error on taxed war pensions
Letters from MPs
How people change when they come to power
Three Articles
A massive boost to the Lord Chancellor's pension, and more

The Carson Appeal  &  Also see earlier reports
A view of what happened in March
The full Carson Appeal Judgment
BBC Report on the Carson Appeal Judgment

Including letters of reaction
An Analysis
The Carson Appeal judgment in the High Court
Brazier presses for better pension rights
Julian Brazier MP speaks out in support of frozen pensioners
Ministry Fraud
A collection of stories, including
The national Audit Office has again refused to sign off
the Department for Work and Pensions' accounts after
an estimated 3billion was lost through "fraud and error"
for the third consecutive year.

Carson appeals to the HoL
Story lodged when Carson received funding for an appeal to the House of Lords
Lord Goodhart
Extracts from a letter Lord Goodhart wrote to one of our members
Premier of Victoria
This letter from Steve Bracks, Premier of Victoria,
 came about as a result of the efforts of BAPA member Arthur Lewis.

Premier of Qld
Peter Beattie when he was Premier of Queensland
Prime Minister of Australia
Support by John Howard when he was Australian PM
West Australian Government backs British pensioners
WA Labor backs push for UK pension parity
The Monday Essay
Supporting essay by Virginia Blackburn in the UK Express
Beating the Freeze - a member's story
Articles by Ava Hubble - Members' stories
The Lords Debate - 25th October 2005

Debate on the motion of Baroness Sally Greengross
Answering the Conservatives

Dealing with Boiler Plate letters
No 10 Petition

A petition, its response and our reply