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If you have made only a few years contributions, or you have a long time to go before retirement date, then you should first consult our guidelines pension-guidelines.htm Voluntary contributions can improve your eligibility or increase the amount of pension, but remember that it is not a savings scheme. You do not get a refund if you die before pension age.

The good news is that you do not have to be a British citizen. If you worked in UK for a few years it may be worth your while enquiring about your rights.

Click on this link,  enquiry-form.pdf, to bring up a form supplied by BAPA to assist you in enquiring about your eligibility for a British pension. Print it, fill it, and post it. Include it with a covering letter asking them to send you the appropriate application form.

Fill out the form to the best of your ability, add any additional information on the reverse and post it to:

The Pension Service 11
Mail Handling Site A
WV98 1LW
United Kingdom

It would be better not to start the process with an email, because they do not get the same attention as a letter. But you may wish to use email as a follow up measure.

E-mail address: tvp.ipccsst@thepensionservice.gsi.gov.uk
Note: The e-mail address appears to change frequently.

You can download the official application form from the Pension Service website at


but it would be better to use our form to ask them about your rights.

With the compliments of British Age Pensioner Alliance

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