Can you transfer 0r cash your
frozen pension?
With the compliments of British Age Pensioner Alliance

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There are a number of sites on the internet which claim to be able to transfer a frozen pension into a Qualified Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme, QROPS, or even to turn it into a cash sum.  If your pension is a frozen UK State Pension do not get up your hopes.

The UK State pension, whether frozen or not cannot be transferred or cashed in.

If, however, you also have a superannuation or company pension, or any other form of pension, they may be able to help you.  For excellent on-line advice you could try Pension Sorter .  It is a useful site which recognises the Frozen Pension problem.

There are only two ways to improve your frozen State Pension:

1.  If you return to Britain your pension will immediately be increased to its full value for the period of your stay, or, if you can establish permanent residency, for the rest of your life.

2.  You can join BAPA and join their ongoing fight for pension parity. To subscribe,

 send email to
Make subject SUBSCRIBE.

One of these days British State Pensioners World Wide are going to win Parity. 

Though it is about fifty years since UK pensions were first frozen and 25 years since a real fight was commenced to have the freezing regime reversed, there is no reason to loose heart.  The UK Government fought back by insisting that the matter was one for the Judicial system.  We pensioners were forced through the whole gamut of the High Courts, the Courts of Appeal the House of Lords and a further Appeal to the House of Lords.

Thereafter we fought on through the European Courts of Human Rights and finally Appeal Court in Europe.

Though we  lost at every stage the Judges frequently gave their opinion that the matter of pension freezing was not a matter for the Courts but could only be righted by Political means.

Politically the fight continues.  If you would like to help, join BAPA,.